Friday, June 03, 2005

Is Another World Possible?

Bombay was recently awash with angry young/old, men/women spewing vitriol, holding placards, staging demonstrations/ protests and doing everything that was possible to answer the simple question "is another world possible". Present among them was that interminable leftist gad fly's called Arundathi Roy, world bank economists, noble prize winners all trying to answer this question.The very problem with such a congregation is that apart from being a noisy colorful protest challenging the status quo they seem to do nothing. So typical of the leftist protests that they are so buzzy asking questions that they fail to answer even one of them.Well if the present system is wrong, then wats the alternative? Anarchy as seen in the grounds of Goregaon is not the answer to the problems facing billions of individuals.
There is absolutely no question that globalisation is not the definitive answer to the problems facing the world, that capitalism has its problems, and marginalised people get hurt in the process. Well, we know all this, so wats the solution socalists? Mindless bluster against USA will do no good, sowill dreaming of an equal world where every body is happy and joyous and no body suffers.Previous expreiments in communism and its repercussions is well known to all of us.As much as one may abuse America and its values, its the american way of life that the world tries to ape, its the american degrees we all try to get and the american/british prizes that we all covet (Mrs Roy should know that well). If everything is so bad about it then why do people yearn after that. Globalisation is an irreversible process. After all if India's economy is on a roll its the result of globalisation process. Fifty years of socialism left India a poor country, leading a hand to mouth existence as opposed the confident proud and resurgent India the world now sees after just a decade of liberalisation/globalistion. If one looks at history, capitalism in one form or the other has been the dominant economic force. However as much as globalisation is an economic imperative, the social costs have to be handled with the help of a strong judiciary, free media and strong systems in place. That is the way to the future. Not mindless raving and ranting about everything American. The mindless hypocricy becomes so evident that these rich people who live at Chanakyapuri, fly first class, stay at the Taj have a vested interest in the continuation of poverty(because if there is no poverty where would these people go?). So its high time we leave these people to scream aloud at Goregoan and leave the rest of the world in their pursuit of prosperity and happiness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the demonstrators, at least a few of them had conjured up the idea sincerely that 'old order changeth yielding place to the new', the answer that you expect from them would have been there even if that deserved a debate.

Many of them want to show the world that they are there for any kind of demonstrations with or without aim; it is just a stage for politics.

The present day Internet facilities should allow to bring out the good ideas of and constructive criticisms by many a right thinking individual.

April 07, 2007 11:29 AM  

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